A demonstration in support of the San Isidro movement at the Ministry of Culture in Havana on Nov. 27.Credit...Yamil Lage/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

As Washington prepares for the next difficult period ahead politically in the Americas; as US prerogatives have been continually set back in Venezuela and Bolivia; as the political authority and credibility of revolutionary Cuba has soared in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in stark contrast to that of Washington and its neocolonial allies; as the consequences of Trump’s 4 years on the politics and class struggle across the Hemisphere are bound to accelerate…

Of course now is the time to try and whip up an anti-Cuba campaign of lies and disgusting slander. To try and paint Cuba as a place of persecuted artists and suffering rappers! We can take some comfort in how weak, pathetic, and politically impotent this propaganda “offensive” is and will be.

Nevertheless it indicates that liberal US imperialism as registered through the New York Times editors has not changed its perspective of subverting and defeating the Cuban Revolution. This does not preclude retreats and concessions like under Obama’s 2nd term (which the NYTimes notably promoted at the time).

But the anti-blockade and solidarity movement should have no illusions! Only the militant fortitude and political skills of revolutionary Cuba and its leadership; complemented and supplemented by the action and mass work of anti-blockade forces — that is our growing movement — in the belly of the beast and internationally. Only this will FORCE an end to the blockade. Only this will paint them in a corner from which they cannot escape and checkmate them.

The prospects for dealing decisive blows to the blockade in 2021 are greater than ever for our growing international movement. Great advances have been made towards unity, collaboration, and coordination in struggle, starting in the US and Canada. On May 21, 2021 let’s hit the streets in solidarity with the UN General Assembly anti-blockade vote in internationally coordinated protests!

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize!

Let’s Make 2021 the Year to Smash the Blockade!

They Call Us Enemies of the Cuban People https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/10/opinion/cuba-san-isidro-movement.html?referringSource=articleShare

By Ike Nahem

Ike Nahem is a longtime anti-imperialist and socialist activist and revolutionary Marxist. He is a He is active in Cuba solidarity work in the New York-New Jersey area and was a central organizer of the November 13-15, 2020 International Conference Webinar for the Full Normalization of U.S.-Cuba Relations.

One thought on “They Call Us Enemies of the Cuban People? Really?”
  1. I am from Vancouver, Canada and last Wednesday night I tuned in to a 24-hour virtual conference on the Cuban Blockade by the US Gov’t. People from many parts of the world participated in this conference. All of them condemned the criminal Blockade of Cuba by the US Gov’t. Also, the sixth anniversary of the release of the Cuban 5 was talked about at the conference. After listening to this conference I can tell that the Cuban Gov’t and the Cuban People got the support of the majority of people in the world. The US Blockade of Cuba is barbaric to say the least. It is depriving the Cuban People of essential goods that they need. It is only a barbaric Gov’t like the US Gov’t that would blockade Cuba of all goods necessary for a normal life. The United Nations has voted against the Cuban Blockade by the US Gov’t many times and still, the US Gov’t continues with this inhuman Blockade. This shows the contempt that the US Gov’t got for the Cuban People and the Cuban Gov’t. The Cuban People will never surrender their rights from the Cuban Revolution because of the Blockade. The people of the world will always support Cuba and condemn the Blockade. Long Live the Cuban Revolution. Death to Yankee Imperialism and the Blockade.of Cuba.

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