Lester D. Mallory, vice secretary of state, wrote in a secret State Department memo in 1960: "The only foreseeable way to detract from [the Cuban government's] domestic support is through disenchantment and dissatisfaction arising from economic malaise and material difficulties… all possible means must be used quickly to weaken the economic life of Cuba… a course of action that, being as skillful and discreet as possible, achieves the greatest progress in depriving Cuba of money and supplies, to reduce its financial resources and real wages, to cause hunger, despair and the overthrow of the Government."

In 2015, Senator Marco Rubio opposed the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana. In 2017, Rubio was one of those who incited Trump to close the embassy.

Hundreds of thousands of Cuban families here and there remain separated, unable to reunite, due to Marco Rubio’s anti-family policies.

Rubio has one goal, to save his Senate seat. That is why he wants to suffocate and cause pain to the Cuban family. It’s easy for him; Marco Rubio has his family by his side, safe and sound. So nice and happy all of them! The rest, screw them! Screw them!

Rubio erects walls of pain, hate and separation. We, decent Cuban-Americans, people of diverse creeds and ideologies, choose to build bridges, #PuentesDeAmor.

Carlos Lazo
Organizer of Bridges of Love
August 15, 2022

By US-Cuba Normalization Committee

Organizing Committee, International and Nationwide Conference for the Normalization of US-Cuba Relations.