Cuba presents safe tourism experiences in Punta CanaCuba presents safe tourism experiences in Punta Cana

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The Cuban Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García, defended safe tourism and the incorporation of the health sector into sustainability when he intervened in the meeting of heads of the branch that took place this Friday in Punta Cana.

García explained the strategy drawn up by his country to face COVID-19, in the so-called industry without chimneys, the fundamental axis of the island’s foreign exchange earnings and denounced the blockade of the United States that prevents the arrival of its citizens to that nation.

He explained that in all hotels in Cuba there is a doctor and a nurse and that is “an experience that I would like to convey because we cannot ignore the existence of the pandemic and others that may arise in the future, it would be a mistake not to incorporate the health issue in our sector ”.

The Minister assured that tourists when they decide to take a vacation trip take measures not to be sick, for which “less than one percent of them return to their countries affected by the pandemic.”

They are willing to travel to safe places, he said, and gave an example of the arrival to Cuban territory of seven weekly flights from Russia, where visitors are calm and confident with their families.

He also highlighted the importance of the meeting in Punta Cana because it was necessary to talk about many things, including health protocols, and insisted on evaluating them for the future so that everyone complies with them and is certified.

He also cried out “for multi-destination, because we see ourselves as a region and not as a competition because our countries depend on those resources and we are going to do it in a very responsible way.”

In statements to Prensa Latina, the head of tourism on the island said that this meeting is important for the importance of the region, which can be seen in the Declaration of Punta Cana, where many principles that “we as a socialist state defend” were ratified.

He added that in his speech he highlighted the defense of safe tourism because his country is recognized for that quality and fights so that its population and those who visit it do not get infected with the disease.


By US-Cuba Normalization Committee

Organizing Committee, International and Nationwide Conference for the Normalization of US-Cuba Relations.

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