Havana Club 7 years will be sold in the cities of New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai through the subsidiary in that Asian country of the French group Pernod Ricard, which hopes to be the leader of the super-premium rum sector in the medium term.

by OnCuba Staff June 16, 2022 in Cuba

The subsidiary in India of the French spirits group Pernod Ricard will distribute Havana Club 7 years Cuban rum in the cities of New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, according to official media.

“We have just launched the brand and we hope to build the super-premium rum category in India and we would like to lead the sector in the medium term,” Florian Salaberry, head of international brands for the prestigious group, told Prensa Latina (PL).

“The super-premium rum sphere has grown steadily in recent years and with the launch of Havana Club by Pernod Ricard India, we will invest in creating experiences for our consumers and look forward to catapulting this growth in the coming years,” added Salaberry, quoted by the media

Pernod Ricard India launched the super-premium Havana Club 7 years rum at an event in New Delhi over the weekend, “a drink that highlights the rich natural flavors of Cuba,” the publication states.

Havana Club 7 years: a Cuban bottle

Kartik Mohindra, marketing director of Pernod Ricard India, pointed out in a press release distributed by the group that the Asian country’s market is traditionally dominated by a few national rum brands, but with consumers willing to broaden their horizons, the category of premium rum is experiencing growth in the spirits industry.

“As one of the best brands of super-premium rum, Havana Club 7 years is ideal for direct drinks and for exotic cocktails and the enjoyment of people who love to experiment with spirits,” said the marketing director.

He reminded PL that this product shows “the authentic essence of Cuban rum,” is designed to be savored and enjoyed with ice and is ideal for delicious cocktails given its versatility.

This rum “reveals the flavors of Cuba, the nuances of aromatic tobacco, sweet tropical fruits, molasses, spices and vanilla, enriched by the slow release of aromas in the aging process,” the publication added.

The Havana Club range, the news agency specified, represents a rich heritage produced by Cuban rum masters and is a brand that sells 4.5 million cases a year and has the goal of reaching six million cases in 2028, of which one million would correspond to the super-premium segment.

According to the outlet, Pernod Ricard India is a fast-growing multinational spirits company and is home to several renowned brands such as Royal Stag and Blenders Pride, produced locally at distilleries in Nashik, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and Behror, in Rajasthan, and are bottled in 29 centers throughout the South Asian country.

Since 2015, India is Pernod Ricard’s third largest market by stock, the agency underlined.


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