Author: Jorge Enrique Jerez Belisario |

Author: Leidys María Labrador |

January 5, 2024 07:01:51

Photo: Jorge Enrique Jerez Belisario

The heavy rain could not prevent the people of Camagüey from going out yesterday, with the same certainty as on January 4, 1959, to greet the rebels of this century who know they are the continuators of the revolutionary work.

In Guáimaro -the same place where 65 years ago Fidel stopped his triumphal march to reach the Manduley’s house- 40 outstanding young people from different sectors received the Caravan of Freedom, dedicated on this occasion to the 35th anniversary of the Martian Youth Movement.

Kely Alvarez Fernandez, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Union of Young Communists, assured, on behalf of those present, that the Revolution is growing in the Agramontino territory, with its testament to the past and its commitment to the future, always hand in hand with the youth.

“It is difficult, not to say impossible, that there is an inhabitant in Camagüey, a Cuban who does not have in his family the positive impact of the Revolution in many generations, because she was that mother who opened the way for us and guides us by the hand, so that we build the future,” he emphasized.

The delegation had been, in the morning, on Las Tunas soil, where Marcos, president of the Federation of High School Students of the Rita Longa Pedagogical School, told this newspaper that reediting this epic is an opportunity that fills him with healthy pride.

He commented, visibly moved, how beautiful the day was, the joy of seeing people greeting them in every place, the way they were received in the Plaza Martiana; but the most special moment, he emphasized, was just when they passed through his community.

“I am from the Club Familiar community, we passed by there before arriving in the city of Las Tunas: to see on both sides of the street my neighbors, my family, is an image that I will carry forever in my memory.”

The youth of today, who continue the work of the bearded ones, learn from everyone and march once again in caravan, contribute to the country with productive work, in the confrontation of a pandemic, in an evacuation center, in contingents to teach in schools, in the day to day that we Cubans build as revolutionaries of the times.

This January 5, the Caravan continues on its way to the province of Ciego de Avila, as a symbol of a feat that is renewed every year.


By US-Cuba Normalization Committee

Organizing Committee, International and Nationwide Conference for the Normalization of US-Cuba Relations.