Individual Endorsers

Akubundu Amazu, Central Administration Committee Secretary, All-African People's Revolutionary Party

Albert A. Fox, Jr., President/Founder, Alliance for Responsible Cuba Policy Foundation

Alberto Jones, President, Caribbean American Children Foundation

Alexander Koskinas, Treasurer, Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba

Alice Sturm Sutter, retired Family Nurse Practitioner, NYC Metro Raging Grannies

Alicia Jrapko, US Coordinator, International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity

Alison Bodine, Fire This Time, Movement for Social Justice, Vancouver

Andrés Gomez

Anne Mitchell. National Conference of Black Lawyers

Annette Ensley, National Conference of Black Lawyers

Anthony Gronowicz, Gronowicz NY Peace Council

ANTHONY WILLIAMS All-African People's Revolutionary Party (GC)

Antonio Maceo Brigade and Coalición Alianza Martiana

Arn Kawano, Bay Area Venceremos Brigade & Cuba Subcommittee of the National Lawyers Guild International Committee

Arnold August, Journalist, Table de Concertation de Solidaridad, Quebec-Cuba

Azza Rojbi, Friends of Cuba Against the US Blockade, Vancouver, Canada

Babette Grunow Latin America Solidarity Committee--Milwaukee

Bahman Azad, Executive Secretary, U.S. Peace Council

Banbose Shango, National Network on Cuba (NNOC) Co-Chair

Ben F. Jones, Artist & Activist

Benjamin Ramos, Coordinator, ProLibertad Freedom Campaign

Benjamin Prado Under Secretary General Unión del Barrio

Bill Camp, CEO of the Sacramento, CA Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Retired

Bill Dorescoordinator, Struggle La Lucha

Bill Hayden

Bob Guild, Marazul Tours,* RESPECT

Bob Schwartz, Vice President, Global Health Partners

Beverly Burke, Secretary, Board of Directors ProximityCuba

Bill MontrossBethesda, MD

Bill Sacks, Venceremos Brigade, Workers World Party

Brenda Cranney

Bwana Payeye Kizito Nevada, TX

Carlos Monteagudo, Founder and CEO SolarNation

Carlos Vega-Perez DN Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano (MINH-PR)

Carolina Cositore-Sitrin, Member Raging Grannies

Catherine Murphy, Founder The Literacy Project

César Omar Sánchez, Graphic Artist & Activist

Charles Newlin

Charlotte Kates, International coordinator Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

Cheryl LaBash, National Network on Cuba (NNOC) Co-Chair

Christopher Helali,Chair, Red Banner Anti-Imperialist Collective

Christopher Trafford , Federalist Society for Law and Public Poliicy Studies

Chuck Kaufman, Alliance for Global Justice

Cindy Domingo, Chair, US Women and Cuba Collaboration

ClaudiaCa Peralta Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association - CCFA Calgary

Cleve Andrew Pulley, Anti-Vietnam War soldier, Ft Jackson 8 DC Metro Coalition in Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution

Clever Banganayi, Friends of Cuba Society (South Africa)

Cynthia Roberts, Cubamistad

David Colding Musician

Dale Mitchell

Dan Furman, Musician

Danny Glover, Actor and Activist

Darien De Lu President, WILPF US Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, US Section

Darrion Smith, BWFJ/UE150 NCPSWU

David Maynard, former Communist elected public servant Hillsborough County, Florida

Denny Kushnyrick BacTech Enviromental

Desta Ellis MD

Diane Stradling Delegation Coordinator, Witness for Peace

Diane Zack Manitoba-Cuba Solidarity Committee


Don Rojas Director of Communications and International Relations Institute of the Black World

Elena Freyre President, Foundation for Normalization of US/Cuba Relations (FORNORM)

Elizabeth Birriel Party for Socialism and Liberation

Erin Feely-Nahem, LMSW, Cuba Solidarity New York

Dr. E. Martin Schotz, Peace Task Force Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution

Felipe Stuart FSLN

FiST Rivera United Pantherz

Five Mualimm-ak

Frank Velgara, Call to Action on Puerto Rico

Gail Walker, National Network on Cuba (NNOC) Co-Chair, IFCO/Pastors for Peace

Garrett Connelly

Gary Baker Assistant Professor Virginia State University

Gar Smith , Director Environmentalists Against War

Gilberto Villa, President, Casa de Las Américas

Gretel Marante, Foreign Affair Cuban Women Federation

Howard Dickler Dr., Orangutan Pridyctions

Howard Ehrman, MD, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago

Howie Hawkins, Candidate for Green Party presidential nomination, Green Party

Ike Nahem, Organizer, 1st and 2nd National Cuba Conferences

Iraida H. López, Professor, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Isaac Saney, Canadian Network on Cuba

Jack Herbert Herbert Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)

Jaime Mendieta , Casa de las Américas, NY

Jaime Veve, Transport Workers Union Local 100 NYC (ret.)

Jamelle Newsome Illinois

James E. Campbell, National Co-chair, Emeritus Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, CCDS

James Early, Assistant Secretary for Education and Public Service Smithsonian Institution Retired

James Randall, Richmond DSA

Jan Campbell Co-chairman Cuba Partnership Team • Plymouth Church, Des Moines, Iowa

Jason Corley, Cuba Si Coalition, NY-NJ

Jayanni Webster LeftRoots

Jeff Mackler, National Secretary, Socialist Action

Jesus Puerto CEO, Soul de Cuba Cafe

Joe Lombardo Co-coordinator, United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)

John Parkercoordinator, Socialist Unity Party

John Philpot, Canada, Attorney, International Law

Rev. Jim Winkler, President and General Secretary, National Council of Churches

Joan P Gibbs, Attorney at Law NY-NJ CubaSi

Jocelyn Velazquez, Jornada, Se Acabaron Las Promesas, Puerto Rico

Jodi Dean, Professor

State Senator Jim Ferlo (retired) PA

Joan Gaines IONA, L A

Joel Schwartz, retired CSEA president

John Ratliff, Mass. Peace Action

John Waller, Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee

Jon Flanders, Albany Cuba Solidarity, Railroad Workers United

Jontay Darko Dr., ELAM

Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado Univ. of Nebraska

Jose Hernandez, Puerto Rico Me Llama

Jose Lopez Secretario General FMLN NY Frente Farabundo Martí Para La Liberacion Nacional

Judith Zeh, Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee

Judy Adams

Julie Wolenski Chicago Cuba Coalition

Karen Lee Wald Cuba Inside Out

Karyn Hollis, Villanova University

Kathleen Wang CODEPINK

Kamau Odinga Community Organizer and Activist

Karen Lee Wald, Director Cuba Inside Out

Kelly Staniunas Mexico Solidarity Network

Ken Morgan, Ed.D, Metro DC Coalition in Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution

Kevin Zeese

Kilaika Shakur, The United States of Africa Revolutionary Party

Kristin Dooley, Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)

Kwame Tyndale, PNP

Laura Ramirez, Af3irm NYC

Laura Whitehorn Northeast Political Prisoner Coalition

Lee Robinson, President, African Awareness Association Inc.

Lee Schlenker, Regional Organizer, Witness for Peace New England

Leni Villagomez Reeves, co-chair of the WILPF Cuba and the Bolivarian Alliance Issue Committee

Leslie Cagan Peace and Justice Organizer

Luci Murphy, ONE DC Black Workers Center Chorus

Lucy Pagoada Teacher, D19: Partido LIBRE, USA-Canada

Lori Hiris Filmmaker

Louis Bonnemaire, LMB conseil

Fr. Luis Barrios, Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Luis Matos, Director, World Organization for the right of the people to Healthcare Inc

Lydia Curtis, Educator

Linn-Benton Beilstein, (OR) Pacific Green Party

Mabel Leon

Mahbub Alam Progressive Democratic Initiative(PDI)

Malcolm Sacks, Co-Coordinator, Venceremos Brigade

Marcel Hatch, Education Director Cuba Explorer

Margaret Savage, Registered nurse, University of Michigan

Maynard Freemole

MaryLouise Patterson M.D. PNHP

Mahbub Alam Progressive Democratic Initiative(PDI)

Marla Hoffman Artist and Activist

Mandisa L Snodey, Administration, All African Peoples Revolutionary Party

Mara Bard Activists and Scientist Scientist Retiree

Margaret Flowers

Margaret Gilpin, LCSW,
US-Cuba Health Exchange (former President), Producer, Cuba In Focus, WBAI Radio

Maria Davis, Cubamistad, Bloomington, Indiana

Marie Baskerville

Mark Friedman, Organizer, US Delegation to MarCuba, Cubambiente International Environmental Conferences

Mary-Alice Waters, Socialist Workers Party

Mary Ann Jones, Southern Oregon Friends of Cuba

Marilyn Aguirre-Molina Professor Emerita, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy

Marilyn Naparst, Pastors for Peace

Marty Goodman, Former TWU Local 100 Executive Board Member, retired Socialist Action

Mavis Anderson

Melissa Barber, ELAM , Program Coordinator IFCO/Pastors or Peace

Merriam Ansara,, Former Director Common Ground Education & Travel

Michael Bentley, Chair, Public Information Committee, Plowshare Peace and Social Justice Center

Michael Carrick, Retired Member UFCW Local 227, Louisville, KY

Michael Gardner Astronomer

Michael Gonzales Co-chair, Democratic Socialists of America- North Texas

Michael S Goodman

Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action Los Angeles

Michael (Jabari) Tidmore, Chicago Cuba Coalition

Michael Woods Dr, MPH

Michelle Cohen, Founder I-Dared Travels, Inc.

Michelle Ellner, Latin America Campaign Coordinator, CODEPINK

Mike Alewitz, Professor Emeritus, Central CT State University

Mike Beilstein Pacific Green Party

Mike T, California

Milagros Rivera, Presidenta, Comité de Solidaridad con Cuba en Puerto Rico

Mirella Martinelli, Film Director, Moving Images

Mimut Re Ra Nuhu, Co-Chair National Network on Cuba

Medea Benjamin, CoDirector CODEPINK

Molly Nagin OH State Board, CPUSA

Moto Shakur, Black Enterprise Network

Muata Greene US Labor Against the War/ NY chapter

Myriam Marques Defend Democracy in Brazil Committee NY

Nalda Vigezzi, National Network on Cuba (NNOC) Co-Chair

Nancy Wright, All-African People's Revolutionary Party

Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, President, National Lawyers Guild

Ned Powell Bored Member Solidarity Truckers

Nelson Larson, Chairperson, Nova Scotia Cuba Association

Negash Abdurahman, Producer, Cuba in Africa

Noam Chomsky, Scholar, and Activist

Norma J F Harrison, Peace and Freedom Party, on the ballot in California for socialism

Omari Musa, D.C. Metro Coalition in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution

Otis Cunningham, Chicago Cuba Coalition, NNOC

Pamela Richard, Peace Action of WI

Pat Fry, CCDS

Patricia Jordan

Patricia Larson

Paul LeBon, Author Cuba 54 and Liar, Liar, Cruz on Fire

Paul Stein, Musician, and Activist

Pepe Rossy, Albany Cuba Solidarity

Peter Miller, Communications Co-coordinator, The Boston-Cuba Solidarity Alliance,

Peter Seidman U.S. Hands Off Venezuela South Florida Coalition

Priscilla Zuniga Doctor, IFCO/ELAM

Quynh Pham University of Minnesota

Rachel Barr

Rachelle Faroul, Venceremos Brigade

Radhamés Morales

Rafael Montalvo IFCO

Ramon Espinoza, The Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba

Richard Kemp, Kemp Kare

Richard Moore, Co Founder / Co Coordnator - Los Jardines Institute - New Mexico Los Jardines Institute

Robert Miller, Cuba Solidarity Campaign UK

Rodrigo Gonzalez, Executive Director ProximityCuba

Dr. Rosemari Mealy, Author, Fidel, and Malcolm X: Memories of a Meeting

Roy Green

Royce Adams, ILA Local 1291


Sally O’Brien, Senior Producer, WBAI/Pacifica Radio, Cuba In Focus Radio Magazine

Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center

S E Anderson, CubaSí! Coalition

Sean O’Donoghue, Quebec, La Table de Concertacion

Sharon Black organizer, Women In Struggle/ Mujeres En Lucha

Sharon Black, Organizer Peoples Power Assembly

Sharon Wrobel, Board President, ProximityCuba

Shepard McDaniel, Executive Director of Universal Zulu Nation - World Department Of Community Affairs

Sherry A Wells Former President Esperanto Society of Michigan

Sonushya Mathai MD, IFCO

Stan Smith, organizer, Chicago ALBA Solidarity

Stephanie Sarantos, Seattle Cuba Friendship Group

Stephen Durham, International Secretary Freedom Socialist Party-U.S.

Steve Eckardt, Chicago Cuba Coalition

Steve Ellner, Associate Managing Editor, Latin American Perspectives Associate Managing Editor Latin American Perspectives

Steve Lalla , Montreal

Susan Metz International Playback Theatre Network

Talib Shakur

Tamara Hansen, Coordinator, Vancouver Communities in Solidarity With Cuba

Teresa Walsh, Cuba Activist

Tim Craine, Secretary, Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba

Tommie James, North Carolina Green Party

Rev. Tom Warren, United Church of Christ, North Carolina

Tom Wojcik. Strategic Organizer, West Suburban IL DSA

Tommy Nunez, NYBR

Tony Ryan, The Turquino Project

Tony Savino, Omega Fotos Visual Artist

Trajan Cainaru, Communist Party USA

Trevor G Brownscr, Jamaica Jamaica Cuba Friendship Association

Troy Jones, Jersey City Black Cyclist

Ursula Rozum,

Yamil Eduardo Martinez Marrero ICAP

Yusuf Shabazz N'COBRA

Vanessa Ramos, President, Asociación Americana de Juristas

Vianka Abreu Student, Universal Justice - Fordham Law School

Victor Ramos, Visual Artist, ZULU NATION

Vusisizwe Azania, UCLA Beloved Community Initiative

Walter Alomar, President Organization for Culture of Hispanic Origins

Wayne Smith, Former Chief, US Interests Section in Havana

William Barry Reeves Latin America Solidarity Committee-Corvallis

William Camacaro, Organizer, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle NYC

Will Guzman, Professor, Prairie View A&M University